How To Stay Healthy And Fit (2019 Summer)

How To Stay Healthy And Fit (2019 Summer)

How to stay Healthy This Summer ?
So, this Summer, the hot summer and the Harsh sunlight summer, everyone doesn't like summer, isn't it? Right. But the Summer season brings us many things to us and it is a part of our nature. But people are getting many things in this summer if they don't care about their self. First, care for yourself.

Most of the people get a disease like Food Poisoning, Skin Rashes, Heat Stroke, Sunburn, Chickenpox, Jaundice, Mumps, Typhoid, etc, so to avoid these just follow the below Tips.

SO How to Stay Healthy This Summer?

Drink Plenty of Water

This is the most basic thing that I would suggest you have in this summer. See summer season due to the loo and heat your body gets hydrated very quickly and because of that you feel very cold means very lazy in summer. Water helps you to be hydrated in this summer so that you would be hot and active this summer. So drink plenty of Water.

Care of your eyes

As you all know that the summer, especially the harsh sunlight of sun can damage your vision, so to stay protected from this you should always wear the sunglass to remain healthy. Because of the Sunglasses, your eyes will be protected almost 99% of the harsh sunlight, it will make a big difference, so remember, before going out in the harsh sunlight make sure that you wear 100% UV Rays protected Sunlight.

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Wear Light Clothes (Full Sleeves)

In summer, especially children don't understand the importance of their skin and go out to play sports and don't care. Usually, they wear half sleeve t-shirt or V-Neck T-shirt, this will affect their hands and arms become tanned, so to protect that make sure that they wear full sleeve t-shirt, this will help to protect their skin from harsh sunlight. Also check that the cloth is made up of cotton. usually in summer cotton is a good cloth material. Make sure it is a full sleeve.

Eat Healthy.

In summer don't just eat one time, eat frequent meals in a whole day at a different time, so this means eat light breakfast then after some time eat light, this means to eat food or snacks at regular interval of time, don't fill your stomach one at a time. Eat very Light food, don't eat the fast food like burger, pizza because of the summer if you eat this the food will mess up in the stomach and if you don't drink much water, then you will face many problems ahead.  focus on light food, fruits, and vegetables which has high water for ex. watermelon and mango is the best for summer but oranges, tomatoes are also good in summer so have them most of the time.

Stay Indoor

In summer, try to avoid sunlight as much as you can because it is not beneficial for you it will definitely damage your skin. If you want to play or just go outside so go at the safer time i.e. after 5 pm, after 5 pm the safer time begins and you can do work easily or play rather than an afternoon in bad sunlight.
In summer, you should not even go outside, but for any reason, you have to go outside, so make sure that you go with proper preparation, i.e apply plenty amount of sunscreen, Take water bottles, Apply Scarf on face, Wear shoes, Wear Full Sleeves T-Shirts, and wear sunglasses, then only you can tackle the harsh sunlight for damaging your skin and eye and other body part to tan.

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Don't Drink Alcohol and caffeine

You know, a lot of people have a habit of drinking alcohol and caffeine day and night, but please try to avoid this because in summer this will definitely harm your body because in summer what happens due to excess heat and the alcohol and caffeine are also hot so when they go to your stomach, it will give make you dehydrated quickly, so try to avoid these drinks in summer to stay healthy, if you want to drink, so drink plain or flavoured water, this is the best substitute in summer rather than alcohol and caffeine.

Sleep Well

The people who had a habit of waking up for a long time in the night, cut that thing and get sleep fast. A good sleep is a must in summer as well as all season, sleeping helps you to charge your body just exactly ho you charge your phone every day, your body needs a limited time to charge your body and the time is fixed at night, so just don't sleep too night, change your sleeping time and waking time, and just be in discipline and you will find yourself active and fresh every day.


In summer, yoga will help you to keep concentrated on your life and meal goals. You will find yourself motivated and feel positivity around yourself. Yoga is an ancient exercise which you have to do it every day, but in summer you have to do it morning and in the evening, just do yoga and you will feel mental peace and health in this summer.


In summer you can exercise to keep you fit and on track. Jogging and some running in the morning and evening is the best way to keep you in the track. Just go to the gym, do some workout in summer, you will enjoy it.

So yes, this was the things which you follow in summer and you will find yourself active and fresh without being attacked by a disease.I hope like this posts. Don't forget to subscribe and share.If you have any doubt, let me know in the comment section.

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