Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

So, your skin turns out to be Oily? you are very much frustrated about your oily skin? You want to get rid of them, but unable to do so? You want your skin to be glow ? Don't worry, I will give you all the answers you want, so just go on and read All the important points mentioned below...

Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

 Before we get to the point, do you know why your skin gets oily ?

There is one gland in your face(Skin) called sebaceous gland, these glands produce sebum(Oil) in your skin to keep the skin soft and Moisturized properly, but when the sebaceous gland produces more sebum(Oil) then your skin looks oily and it can lead further to acne. So the production of the sebum in your skin depends on your age, as you grow mature, the production rate of sebum increases and you face the problem of acne and pimples due to the excess oil in your face.

     - I have simplified how your face becomes oily, the correct and scientific way.

So if you have the oily skin, and you think washing your face or over-washing this is the solution, so you are absolutely wrong! In fact, do you know that if you wash too harshly or just scrubbing your face for no reason, then your skin will strip and gives the message to the sebaceous gland to produce more sebum.

Don't blame your oily skin for just one factor, your oily skin can have from various factors such as climate change, hot climate in summers, diet, and cosmetics etc.

Beauty Tips For Oily Skin


Your skin needs to be moisturized. If your skin is not moisturized, then your skin will produce more sebum(Oil)
 in order to protect the skin, it will act as an extra layer of your skin. In order to tackle this, you need to apply a oil-free moisturizer once a day, whether you apply it in the morning or before going to bed, the choice is yours. Always use lightweight moisturizer for oily skin persons, in order to get easily absorbed in your skin. The moisturizer will also work to give you the necessary nutrient to your face in order to keep your skin oil free and healthy.


So in order to keep skin good, cleanse is also important. At least wash your face twice a day with a good face wash in the morning and before going to bed. But be aware that don't over wash your wash because it can cause more production of sebum in your skin, and we don't want that. Make sure that your skin is not dry, because when an oily face goes into the dry face, it creates more or fast production of oil i.e. sebum in your face to restore to your original face. Make sure that when you wash your face, dont wash your face with a soap, because when you wash your face with a soap, your face goes into or becomes over dry and it will cause you irritation. So yea, just make sure about that.


Mainly scrub or exfoliate is used to remove the dead skin from your body, so do that in 2 or 3 weeks regularly. 
Use the Good Scrub pack in your face to remove the dead skin, but do not scrub your face too much in order to remove more dead skin, because this is not going to happen in face when you scrub too much it will lead to over dryness in your skin, and hence ultimately your sebum production will increase and your work will go in vain, so make sure that you scrub your face in limit and gently. Oily skin should be scrubbed gently rather than sensitive skin.

Before, we go to the next topic, A Tip..

You should always be hydrated throughout your day. Dink water enough at a regular interval of time. The total amount of water you drink will ultimately affect your overall health, and it is also linked with sebum production, so drink more water as much as you can.

What Kind of Foods We Should Avoid for Oily Skin?


Over sugar will leads to an increase in sugar level of your body, then it will cause your body to produce more insulin, which turns the sebum to be active. So, you should avoid foods like Refined sugar found in sodas and beverages, especially sweets should be avoided.


More amount of fat will not only lead you to heart disease but also turn more production of sebum, so to avoid that eat fruits like almonds, banana,  eat oil with healthy like olive oil, eat baked food not oiled food.

Dairy Food

The dairy food is full of hormones which ultimately leads to the production of the sebum. So don't eat the almond cheese milk and vegan cheese, if your face is oily and you have acne or pores. If you love chocolate, then eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

Last But not least, Salt

Reduce Salt

As you know that excess salt can lead to any disease. Excess salt is also a part of the overproduction of sebum, so don't put much or more salt in your meal if you care of your skin.

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