Haridwar And Rishikesh Visiting (In Details)

My first visit outside Delhi
Here comes Haridwar, Roorkee , Rishikesh.

This is all based on my recent visit to IIT Roorkee .

My first trip to Roorkee came out to be a big success and I really had a great experience . So it was a four day long stay and in between I went to Haridwar and Rishikesh with one of my friend who is from IIT Roorkee .

Haridwar And Rishikesh Visiting (In Details)

Day 1

We started our journey at 10:30 am via Volvo( BUS ), It was a tiring journey but we had fun. So as we reached Roorkee by 4pm(approx) , we headed towards the IIT and then after towards Mcaudi which was near Rjendra Bhawan (Hostel) . After the registration we headed towards the New Hostel (Vigyan Bhawan). It was a good hostel and we were given rooms for two . After getting face wash and some snacks we went to explore the Campus . As we reached on Friday and the next two days were Weekends we explored the campus and had the food provided to us at the hostel . We fell asleep at 1am , and my friend who is from IIT Roorkee told me that students had different schedule for weekends , they slept after having breakfast on weekends , they worked the whole evening and enjoyed at night .

Day 2

The events got started I had a hackathon that started in the morning , there were only 10 teams who participated and the time period was 9am to 9pm , Since I was a lone wolf and I needed a team , So I joined a team of two members and we worked tight to make the Hybrid Application based on Theme - Education . As I finished my part early by 1pm and I had alot of spare time till the other members were working on there part , So I left for Haridwar at 2pm and it was amazing experience at Haridwar.

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About Haridwar - I went to Haridwar after along time (Approx 16 years) and still remembered some of the places , As we reached there ,we headed to Harkipodi and it was time for Aarti , me and my friend attended the Aarti and then I had a Ganga snaan , It was amazing the water of Ganga was so chilled but as I started taking dive it was a very amazing experience for me . After that we had some food , after that we went to explore the markets of Haridwar and also went to visit the Pandas of Haridwar , where they tell the full family tree from your your ancestors and we returned to the campus by 7:30pm.

After I returned I asked the team what was the progress at the Hackathon , They said it’s all complete . So went to the other events and at the Culture Night I participated and delivered my first ever Standup .That was a whole new experience in itself. I was very nervous about my performance , but it came out to be great and audience really appreciated my performance and even one of the judges gave a special mension of mine at the final judgment round .

Day 3

In the third day we had some more events in which we participated and in the evening it was a speaking session by different speakers , the most for which I was waiting was that by Deepak Ramola and as expected he was amazing and inspired alot by his talk , I met him after his talk and he was so humble , I told him that i came to Roorkee all way from Delhi so he was glad and he took a pic of us together in his phone .
Since it was 6pm and I did not had more time as we had our train at 7:30 am the next day and I wanted to visit Rishikesh . So we left for Rishikesh at 6:30pm in the evening and reached Ram Jhoola at 8pm , I know it sounds crazy to travel in Rishikesh at Night .

My friend also new to Rishikesh , we both landed there and we took an auto , we were lucky that we met someone who told us where and what all can we travel , so we just went along the lonely roads at the night , although there were many tourists and foreigners across the streets ,But till the time we reached there everything was about to close so we went down the slopy street into the market and had some food after that we went to the place and there we came across The Beattles caffe ,it was a very nice cafe and we are lucky that we went there as the view from that place is amazing and could not be expressed in words . After that we went along the Lakshman Jhoola and from there we went to the Ram jhoola the experince while travelling from Laxman jhoola to Ram jhoola was very much that i will never forget in my life and it was the best . We saw some more IITians near the Ram jhoola and we had some fun time there. But while our way back to the college we were really dumb as it was already 3 am and we thought that auto or any public transport will be available , but we were wrong . But came out to be luckky that we met a group of people who were heading towards Roorkee , but they were strangers . We had to make a decision and had to go with them and at last we reached the campus and slept for a few hours as I had a train in the morining.And in morning we took the train and journey back to Delhi started.

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This experience that I had at IIT Roorkee was one of the best chapters of my life so I decided to write it down as a Blog , I hope this was interesting for the readers and I would suggest you to visit Rishikesh once in your lives and explore the place and do visit THE BEATTLES Cafe.I hope you like this post. Dont forget to share this post and comment below.
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