22 Best Skin Care Tips For Summer

Summer means heat, lots of sweating, dryness, skin problems like tan, sun burns, pimples, heat rashes, blemishes and much more. With the blazing sun of the summer months, you need to know how to look after the skin properly and look fresh and vibrant.
Just using a good sunscreen is not enough for your skin in summer. You need to take proper care of your skin and hair too.
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Here are some best remedies for you to have a glowing and supple skin even in summer.

22 Best Skin Care Tips For Summer

1. Cool Off

Carry a face mist with you, so you can mist your face and body while out in hot sun.
I am sharing a good home-brewed Cooling Cucumber Mist instruction :
Puree a peeled cucumber until it is smooth.
Strain this mixture through your veiling into a clean bowl, and make sure to squeeze that cloth to get all the liquid out of it.
Add 1/2 teaspoon of juice, 2 tablespoons of mint juice, 1/2 cup of rosewater, and stir well to make sure it’s all blended together, then pour the liquid into a spray bottle.
If you discover that it’s a small amount too viscous, you can add more rosewater or a bit of distilled water to dilute it.
This is a wonderfully cooling and soothing mist on sunburns, dry weather ravaged skin, or during a menopausal hot flash.

2. Do away with Dry Skin

Use a mild scrub on dry skin to exfoliate, before you bathe. Pay special attention to knees and elbows. Finish with a chic body cream or oil at intervals 3 minutes of fabric off.
A Very effective hand-crafted Exfoliating occasional Body Scrub
Mix 1/4 cup sugar sugar with 1/2 cup finely ground occasional beans, 2 tablespoons of sesame oil,and 1/2 teaspoon (about 20 drops) eucalyptus essential oil. Turn it to a paste. You can add a tablespoon of sea salt and extra virgin olive oil too.
The firming effect of caffeine,nourishing sesame oil and purifying eucalyptus oil work magic with your skin.
Use this mixture to scrub your entire body.
Scrub away gently for ten to fifteen seconds till you are feeling your skin has turned soft and silken.
Rinse it off with lukewarm water. Make sure you use a body wash to experience the softness of your skin.
Once done, apply a moisturizer of your option to retain the wet.

3. Eat Your SPF - literally!

Oral intake of vitamins C and antiophthalmic factor will limit potential for sunburn. A dish with ascorbic acid made citrus, berries, tomato, and vitamin E made wacky is a perfect SPF meal.
A mixed fruit treat of mango, strawberries, papaya is an amazing reward for your skin.
Mango is rich in betacarotene, a natural sunscreen given to us by nature in this season. It additionally fights against skin ageing, regenerates skin cells and restores the elasticity of skin.
Papaya is also a rich source of Vitamin A with a great sun protective action.

4. Ease the Eyes

The summer components will be notably harsh on the delicate skin round the eyes.
Apply sunscreen around the eyes too. You can use homemade packs to soothe your eyes. Use glares to protect your eyes.
A very soothing Homemade Cucumber Mint Eye Mask
Blend a cucumber (it is alright to leave the skin on) and 5-6 mint leaves.
Add a tiny low quantity of water to skinny the cucumber’s juice.
Dip cotton pads in the juice and gently squeeze them to get rid of excess juice with your palm.
Place the cotton pads flat and separated in a clear zip-lock bag and freeze them until they are iced.
At the top of a wearying agitated day, just take two cotton pads out of the bag, place them over your eyes for around 20-25 minutes and relax.

5. Protect your pout

The sun’s rays area unit terribly drying on the fragile lip tissue.
To keep your lips luscious and hydrous, apply a richly textured lip balm with a minimum SPF of 15 and reapply regularly, when outdoors. Apply very little vegetable oil or drawn butter on lips at midnight to forestall them from chapping.
The following home-brewed lip pack are well appreciated by your lips.
Apply a mashed ripe banana in a very teaspoon of cream and leave on to appease your cracked lips.

6. Take a cool shower

Hot showers when sun exposure additional dry the skin. A cool shower when excess sweating helps keep the skin unblocked, and decreases acne breakouts.

7. Hydrate your Skin

Skin is that the largest organ and desires to be unbroken hydrous all the time. 8 to twelve glasses of water helps to appease the skin and keeps it supple.

8. Protect your Skin from the Sun

Use an good cream with correct SPF properly and repeat as ofttimes PRN. My health feed titled 'Know your Sunscreens' gives a detailed insight about the sunscreens.

9. Timed Travel

Sun rays are the harshest in noon. Try to avoid direct sun exposure between 11 am and 4 pm as much as possible.
10. Spritz your Scalp
Long locks offer some shade from the sun, but the sensitive skin along your hairline and parting still get bombarded with harmful UVA and UVB rays. Use a sunscreen spray along the scalp line. It's harder for creams to be absorbed there, and you can still get a sun burn.

10. Spritz your Scalp

Long locks offer some shade from the sun, but the sensitive skin along your hairline and parting still get bombarded with harmful UVA and UVB rays. Use a sunscreen spray along the scalp line. It's harder for creams to be absorbed there, and you can still get a sun burn.

11. Sip in your Antioxidants

Antioxidants square measure the key for summer, and there are tons of ways to work them into your routine.
Resveratrol, a naturally occurring phenol found in the skin of red grapes can decrease redness from acute sunburns. It has AN medicinal drug and inhibitor impact, helps strengthen your skin's outer layer. Water melons are loaded with antioxidants and are rich in water content.

12. Supercharge your Skin

Cantaloupe is that the melon of selection for lovely summer skin. The sweet delicious fruit is rich in antioxidants and delivers a unique hydration to the skin, resulting in a radiant complexion. It will really boost your SPF by many factors.

13. Keep Blemishes at Bay

During the summer months, blemishes, acne can occur in embarrassing locations.
Select your sunscreen wisely. Sleep with a clear face. It is extremely necessary to place off all of your makeup at nighttime, because it can seriously damage your skin. You can use a cleansing agent to get rid of all the makeup absolutely.

14. Save your skin

Sunny days makes your skin pigment uneven, consequently the skin that gets extra exposure to sun becomes dark and patchy. Once patches set in, it’s very hard to remove them. So apply some soothing creams over your skin daily or apply cold compresses whenever you return home. Do not miss out on your sunscreen.

15. Feed Your Face

The best tool for an even summer skin tone is probably already in your fridge. Cut a large strawberry in half, swipe it across your face in small circles, leave it on for about 5 minutes, then rinse off. This will also brighten sun and age spots over time.

16. Pamper your hands and feet

The thin skin on your hands and feet wrinkles and pigments easily, so be sure to use sunblock daily.
Exfoliate frequently and apply moisturiser at night.
The following home-brewed Scrub for hand and feet can facilitate to stay them soft and supple.
Mix well one tablespoon of coconut oil, 1/4th cup of sea salt and 1/4th cup of fine sugar (brown or white).
Add the juice of a lime and blend once more in a very mixer for concerning thirty seconds.
Store in an airtight container and use within a week.

17. Battle Breakouts

Reduce bumps caused by summer heat associate degreed wetness with an reception opposedseptic anti disease of the skin mask once every week.
Make a paste of rose petals and basil leaves.
Add pinch of turmeric and 1 tablespoon of chickpea flour.
Make a smooth paste of these ingredients. And apply to your face.
Wash it off with cold water once it dries.
This pack works well for acne prone skin. This pack also brightens up your skin and makes it soft and supple.

18. Bounce back from sunburn

The traditional indian chaas, lassi is amazingly soothing to your sun scorched skin.
The carboxylic acid in curd is calming and soothing for the skin.
Leave it on for half-hour as a mask before taking a cool shower and pat dry.
Freeze aloevera gel in ice trays. You can use the compresses if you get sun burnt.

19. Beat the itch

Bug bites will itch and appearance ugly for weeks when they become inflamed.
If you happen to urge a sting, apply cold compresses, apply chilled aloe vera gel twice daily until itching resolves.
Avoid scratching.
Apply kojic acid containing creams doubly every day to fade off any residual marks.

20. Be Gentle

During hotter months we have a tendency to tend to provide additional oil and this implies some folks use too aggressive attention merchandise. You can use a gently foaming cleansing agent to eliminate excess oil however not wholly strip your skin. If your skin feels tight when cleansing, the cleanser is too aggressive.

21. Mellow your yellow !

Many of us opt for gels or long-lasting chemical nail varnishes to keep chlorine and salt water from chipping away at polish. Unfortunately, these chemical-laden lacquers also leave your nails with a yellow stain.
Soak your nails for 10 minutes in a very mixture of 4 elements water and one half peroxide. Use a buffer and gently massage almond or jojoba oil into your nails and nail bed to urge them back to their healthy, natural hue.

22. Pamper your Crowning Glory!

In the hot summer days, we want to scrub hair virtually daily, as a result of they become tacky sooner. Use a gentle or natural shampoo that doesn't contains chemicals. Also, avoid exploitation significant conditioners as a result of it may create hair look sticky in summer.

Hope you have a great summer !
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