How To Do Blogging And What Is Blog ?

Hi friends, In this article, i will tell you how to do blogging and what is blog, you have heard this name very much, your friends will tell you that I have created a blog.

But if you ask him what a blog is, then maybe some of the answers will be given to you about what the blog is like because people do not know deeply about anything before starting.

And this is the reason for their failure because when you are not fully aware of something, you can not give it your best.

Thus, Friends if such a Situation comes to you in front of you and ask someone to ask you what the blog is, then you do not have to be ashamed of it.

That is why we have explained all those things about Blog in this article, after which people will tell you that this is Blogger

How to do blogging 

Blogging and maintaining an article on it is called Blogging, Blogging can be done on any Topic or Niche, it depends on you which has more knowledge and interest on you.

Blogging can keep your knowledge in front of others in your style, share your views with them, today Blogging has become a huge source of Learning and Earning.

You can also make your name on the Internet with good money by blogging, and for that, you must have the feeling

But if you are serious about blogging and want to make your own future, then you have to create a blog on a blogging platform.

If you want to create a free blog then you can go to these sites and create a blog.

1) Blogger : Blogger is Google's product which is known as Blogspot. Here you get a chance to create a blog with Free Subdomain, it is also very easy to use.

2) WordPress : This is also Famous Plateform throughout the world, it is used by many people.
In WordPress, you are offered both free and paid services.

3) Joomla : This is also the Free and Open Source Content Management System, which is written in PHP, more people do not use it.

4) Weebly : This is a hosting service, with the help of this you can create with the Third Party Website Drag and Drop feature.

You can go to these four sites and create free blogs.

Which topic should be written on.

If you want to do blogging then the first step that happens is that you want to write on which subject.

Most people fail in blogging because they do not know which topic they want to write over, they create blogs and keep writing something, Even if they have a mind to write on that topic.

If you are planning to create a new blog, then first of all, decide which topic you have to write in.

Write on the topic you are most aware of and you are also happy to write.

Here are some of the topics that you can see on which you can guess, which topic you have to start blogging on.

Global warming
Beginner's guides to anything
Life experiences
Products reviews
Social media
Travel experiences
Personal life Stories

If you are new to this field then you just have to sit on one subject and write it on the same. Do not try to write on more topics

What is Blog? 

Blog is a web page where every hour, every day, something new post publishes, and you get help from them.

A blog is a website that is written like Diary, Blog's Topic can be either General or Special, which is called Niche.

Blog is an English word that has been shortened from Weblog in 1997 by Jorn Berger found and then Merghal Short Blog in 1999.

Which people you know today and have got intoxication of the people on the internet.
You must know that almost 20 years ago when Internet was not used much then people used to share their Ideas and Views through letters or books.

But in today's modern era, all of this has become Rage End and which is in Trending is Internet. Now people share their Knowledge, Views, Ideas through the Internet.

Today everyone wants to write that blog and its biggest reason is Harsh Agrawal and Amit Agrawal, who told the Indian people about blogging and also benefits from it.

Those who write blogs are called Blogger and what you do on a blog is called Blogging.

Benefits of Blog Making

If you want to make a blog or blogging, then you should also know about its benefits, so if you create a blog you do not have any loss. You get enough benefits which I am telling you.

You can also earn money by monetizing your article with the help of people by sharing your knowledge with others.Can create your own identity in the web world.

Blogging is such a world, where you get to learn new things from new ones that you also learn and teach.Creating a blog is very easy You have Konwledge of a little bit of Internet, so you can do it.

Through Blog, you can reach your knowledge in more time to more people.You do not have any limits to write blogs, select which language you are writing in, you can give your better bet.

No institute has been opened for blogging yet, but in the coming time, it will be necessary for people to get blogging from 1 year diploma.

Blogging increases your knowledge. It also reduces your fear of contacting people and talking to them.

So I hope you liked this article and understood how to do blogging and what the blog is. If you have any confusion in it then tell me in the comments section as your FeedBack is very important.

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