Best 11 Upcoming Android Features In 2019.

Google has launched the first beta version of Android Q, the next version of its Android OS. And for the first time, the company has released Beta 1 with the developer preview of its upcoming OS. As widely speculated, the Android Q brings many new features to Android smartphones users. So, there are all the new features coming to the Android smartphone later this year.

1) System-wide dark theme  

Android Q beta 1 version also comes with a dark theme that can be enabled after battery saver is turned on. Some of the tools described by XDA developers have been updated in Q with previously enabled Dark Mode. 

2) More control over the reach of 2 apps

Google's Android Q improves user privacy by limiting location access by apps. Previously you could enable or disable access by an app. Now, there is a third option that lets you see your location only when the app is active.

3) Quick file sharing options

It's also easier to share files in Android Q Users will now see fast loading and more useful menus while sharing the file. When sharing the URL, the option to copy the link appears above the menu. 

4) New battery indicator

The Android Q also changes the way the remaining battery life is shown at the top corner of the screen with the other notification icon. Instead of battery percentage, users will see text up to M 9.30PM. It is said that such texts will only appear after a fixed battery level. Users will be able to see percentage before this. 

5) New colour 

themes Android Q beta 1 also has a new colour theme. Colour accent options are however limited - device default, black, green and purple. It can be found in the 'Developer Options' and it is in the same way that Oxfusion of OnePlus is playing with months. 

6) To connect to WiFi without showing password-

Connecting to WiFi networks with Android Q becomes easy. Users can now connect only by scanning the QR code. This means that you must always give your WiFi password to the user. 

7) The camera of a third-party app to get better

Google's Android Q, lets the app give developers access to deeper information. They will be able to access data containing information from the camera lens at a distance of objects. This will give better camera results through third-party apps. 

8) Support for 8 new audio and video formats 

New OS version now supports Open Source Video Codec AV1. This means that high-quality video content can be streamed on Android devices using low bandwidth. 

9) New app alert options

Long pressing app notifications will now show more useful options for users to block, silently show or give the warning. Up to 9 pi, shown option and stop notifications and Keep showing. 

10) New desktop modes

Android Q beta 1 also has something called 'desktop mode' in which the handset basically connects to the external display. 

11) Support for Foldable Screen 

Expected, Android Q will support foldable screen. OS version is likely to change the UI position and other elements in the home screen as the handset turns.

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