Wordpress vs Blogger | Detail Information |Which Is Best ?

There are confusions about the two blogging platforms for the many people, which is the best of both.
The largest platform for blogging is Blogger and WordPress.In today's article, I will tell you which platform is best for blogging, wordpress or blogger So lets starts.


WordPress is a very good and advanced platform for blogging. You get unlimited features and plugins in WordPress. Yes, as you know it is a paid platform. If you are doing an advance blogging or doing professional level then WordPress is a perfect option for you.

You have to write content on both platforms.But wordpress is not free so you will have to pay for hosting. If you have a good knowledge about blogging and you know how to write an article well, it comes to ranking. Then I will recommend you to go to WordPress.
If we see at customizations we can make on WordPress, we can not do it on blogger.

WordPress is a paid platform, so the features are ahead of Blogger. With WordPress's features, you can decorate your blog as you like. From different types of themes, there are thousands of plugins available on WordPress such as security, comments, reactions, contact forms plugins etc. And there are lots of things like this that exist on WordPress.Which will help you a lot in advance blogging.

If it comes to adsense, then the WordPress adsense approval takes a lot of time compared to Blogger.

The security of everything else Depends on you for the adsense account on WordPress . If your CTR increases, then it is your responsibility and if you get invalid clicks, then it is your responsibility. Google does not take any responsibilities here. That's why blogger is best for adsense.You have to manually set everything on WordPress. You get a benefit that is late but you get a fully approved account on WordPress.


As you all know, Blogger is a free platform and this is Google's product. And here you do not even have to pay for hosting. Because it is free, here you will get limited features.If you are a beginner then you can use Blogger. 

If you want to blog on normal bases, then Blogger is a right platform for you.

If you ask me, in which platform adsence will be best. So in a simple word I say adsence will remain best on blogger.Because when we apply for adsense on Blogger. There is high possibilities to get approval as soon as possible. 

And we have no fear of the adsense account being disabled, because Blogger is Google's product and google accesses adsence from itself.
That's why your AdSense account is completely safe on Blogger.

Guys if it comes to ranking, then I will give 50 50 to both platforms, because Google first goes to index on blogger and takes content.
I have given detailed information about both blogging platforms, I hope you have fully understood the concept of both platforms. If you like this article then tell me in the comment section.

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