How to Make your 2019 better ?

How to make our 2019 better ? 

This is the biggest confusing topic which most people are thinking about but don't worry we are here to clear your Confusion through this article

     As you know that new year already started and you need think about your life. In 2018 ,most of us suffered from lots of failures and problems.
 You definitely don't want these failure and problems in this year.
You need to make a change in your lifestyle.

If you want to get a better life,you've got to see the goals and for the new year and eye them constantly.
Successful people knows the importance of goals.
For setting realistic goals, you need to know how to set them with well defined steps.

How to make your 2019 better ?
If you ask me then i would suggest to set the goals for new year by following these golden rules.

1) Keep your eyes on the goals:

     Life is uncertain in many situations and things can go completely opposite to what you had planned.
When time comes bad,always keep your eyes on your goals instead of feeling depressed or distressed. When you have your goals in mind, it will helps you to stay on track.

2)  Set the goals that are smart :

    Smart goals are something may have heard of but never tried how to apply them.smartly achieve your goals through smart work not hard work. 
smart goals are the ones that are specific,attainable,measurable,relevamt and time bound.For specific goals, your goals must be very clear and well defined.

3)  Write them down :

      When you write down your goals on paper ,it makes them real and tangible. It stops you from the excuses of forgetting them. By writing them it gives you the power to see them and frame them positively.
It also remind yourself everyday of what you are intended to do.

4) Keep moving forward :

     No much how you regret or fret for what has cannot undo it. Therefore,acknowledge what has happened,accept it as your reality, work through it,and move forward in life.

5) Create an action plan :

    You must not forget to plan all the steps that needed to reach your goals. Write down the steps individually and and then cross each one as you complete them .Track your progress every week.This will help you realize that you are making progress towards  your ultimate goals

6) Always stick with the plan :

    In order to stay on the track,you have to stick with the plan that you have created for setting goals. Goals setting is an ongoing activity and not just a means to an end.

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