Best 5 Ways To Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Best 5 ways to relieve stress & anxiety


   One of the common experience for most people are stress and anxiety.
Many people are dying only because of too much stress. 

Studies have found many health problems related to stress. 

Stress seems to worsen or increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression, obesity, and asthma

  Before getting stressed out there is a good news for you. 

Following some simple stress relief tips could both lower your stress and health risk.

1) Exercise 

     Exercise is one of the most important  you can do to combat stress.  It might seem contradictory , but putting physical stress on your body through exercise can relieve mental stress as well .

  The benefits of exercise are very strong when you exercise regularly.
   People who exercise regularly are less likely to experience anxiety than those who don't.
Daily morning walks are also very beneficial for health.

  Exercise lower your body's stress hormone. It can also improve your quality of sleep,which can be negatively affected by stress and anxiety.

2) Spend time with family 

      Spending time with family strengthens family ties ,Also families who enjoys group activities will develop strong relationship and handle stressful situations with ease. 

The major benefits of spending time with your family is relieve stress and also build confidence,teaches children about interacting with others.

   Most of the people wasting time on the couch, sitting alone ,unnecessary thinking bad, these things affect our brain and cause anxiety. 
 Loneliness is also the biggest reason for anxiety .

3) Chewing gum

    One of the best and quick method for stress relieve is chewing gum.
Study showed that people who chewed gum had a greater sense of well being and lower stress.

Most people don't know about chew gum is a quick stress reliever.In the busy schedule people maybe going through anxiety .

Always keep chewing gum stick in pocket for quick relieve.It also helps protect your teeth, reduce bad breath and promotes blood flow to your brain

4) Deep breathing 

    Deep breathing exercises can help activate your parasympathetic nervous system,which controls the relaxation response.
   Study shows Deep breathing is very helpful for stress reduction and keeps your brain calm. 

There are several types of deep breathing exercises 

• including diaphragmatic breathing
• abdominal breathing 
• Alternate nostril breathing
• Kapalabhati 

The main thing of deep breathing  is to focus your awareness on your breath,Making it slower and deeper. This helps slow your heart rate,allowing you to feel more peaceful.

5) Laughing

   We all heard one thing that laughter is medicine. It's hard to feel anxious when you're laughing .It's good for your health.
Laughter can help improve your immune system and mood.
   Try watching funny pranks or T V shows and hanging out with friends who make you laugh.
Laughing also a quicker way to reduce stress.

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