5 Best Indian Places To Visit In Winter

5 Best places to visit in india in winter 

Blessed with tropical climate ,As we all know that india is one of the popular holiday destination in the world. To make the most of your time ,the perfect whether conditon are a must.
There are many beautiful and memorable places to visit in India Specially in Winter.
It is at the time that most people,both local and foreigners, step out for an enjoyable holidays in India.
So Here I mentioned 5 best Indian  places to visit in winter, So let's start.

    1) Shimla  -  Summer capital
     of British raj

The capital city of himachal Pradesh , shimla has one of the most popular Indian tourist destination since centuries.
 Specially in winter most people loves to visit shimla. The places experience heavy snowfalls around and new year.
The popular season for snowfall lovers is from october to february, shimla attracts tourists like a magnet.
     There are many tourist places in shimla ,and how many you explore depends on how long is your vacation.
You can go for one-day sight seeing or a two-days holiday package with your family. It is always a good practice to know about the main attraction of shimla during winters to plan well.

      2)  Ooty- Queen of nilgiris 

Ooty is a beautiful hill station in South India. Ooty, also know as udagamandalam is in Tamil nadu and one of the those popular places to visit in India that has something for everyone with amazing scenic views and attraction like water falls ,coniferous, pine and water trees along with numerous coffee and tea plantation. Ooty is definitely worth visiting.
Ooty is one of popular honeymoon destination of India. It is also frequented by those who love wildlife and nature. It is as the queen of nilgiris and has an old world charm due to its colonial architecture and amazing feel. 
There is consistent pouring of tourists throughout the year, however the winter months in ooty has its special charm. Enveloped in dreamy mist the town is particularly enjoyable and makes its mark as one of the best places to visit in South India in winter.

         3)  Goa - 

Goa is the beautiful place blessed mainly with beaches and full of greenery. Many tourist have been to goa ,after all ,its a party capital of india.
A subtle mood of the festivity pervades all round. Tourists can enjoy lazy afternoons chilling at long ample beaches or soak in ambience in the evening and night. Many of the tourist in Goa are famous landmark UNESCO world heritage sites, interesting local markets ,old Portuguese structures. Then there are the top beaches ,water sports and many natural attraction that you do not want to miss.
However, there is much more Goa than its beaches. It combines the charm of the old world with the glamour of the modern age.Casino exist side by side here with unique churches, perhaps the oldest in the country.

The most favorable time to visit Goa is during the December march months especially for Christmas and new year and the goa carnival when the state is enlivened with jubilation and merriment. 

      4)   Auli - 

Auli is a beautiful hill town,nestled in the picturesque north Indian state of uttarakhand. The pristine destination was relatively unknown, until it captured the interest of skiers from all around  the world . The ski worthy slopers the perfect winter adventure destination in India. 
Auli is the kind of place that can be visited both in summer and winter. 
A white winter wonderland ,Auli is famous for its ski resort, ski sloper and ski events that are organised every winter , Auli is one destination where you can just sit back and soak in the tranquillity of the place. Auli is surrounded by tall standing ,snow-covered mountains range which act as a perfect backdrop for your facebook photography.
Reaching auli is an aesthetic delight in itself.
A complete family destination in uttarakhand the winter white wonderland of Auli is quite literally a little heaven during winters.As a result of the most spectacular views,it becomes idyllic for romantic honeymoon ,family holidays thrilling adventure.

        5)   Rann of kutch

 The great rann of kutch is a salt marsh located in desert in the kutch district of gujrat. It is about sq km 
( 2900 sq miles ) in area and is reputed to be one of the largest salt desert in the world.
During the cold winter nights, the travelers can stay in tented accommodation at the great rann of kutch and enjoy the beauty of this white dessert. A special event is organised every year in this vast experience of salt dessert. The rann remains inundated with water during the monsoon and transform into a stumingly beautiful white lands in winter bringing out its majestically shimmering face when seen in the moonlight. 

The best time to visit the ran is in the winters .Both local and foreigners mostly visit kutch in winter for enjoyable moments. when, apart from pleasing weather is the time for ran utsav. Morever, to enjoy the best views ,time your visit during the full moon for a magical experience. 

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