20+ Best Photo Captions For Facebook

 20+ photo captions for facebook.

Here i given the best photo captions for facebook. Pick your favorite one and use it for your fb photos So 
without wasting time lets start.

Be smart but never show it

Be kind to unkind people. They need it the most. 

I know you look at my captions 

Life is too short for bad vibes


Too glam to give a damn

Sunday funday

I'm the only 1 in 7 billion

A smile connects two people 

I am the leader of my life 

Hating me doesn't make you pretty 

But first , let me take a selfie 

I am the one who deals with it 

I dont trust words, i trust actions only

Beauty is not one the face, beauty is light in the heart.

I dont want a perfect life ,i want a happy life.

These are the days we live for 

Know your worth and get lost 

It's cool being me

I woke up like this 

A happy day begins and ends with a smile 

I was born to stand out 

I am not perfect but i am limited edition

I am not lazy , i am on enery saving mode  

Invest the today in tomorrow's dream

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